Love at first sight is real.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

I know its been so long since I’ve posted the latest one, lets see.. around last year, is it? Soooo the title says it all. Love at first sight is real, it does exist.

This was actually one proof that I believe it’s real. A story, where everyone might consider cheesy, cliché or so. But sometimes that just what reality is.

Last year, I was a committee for my school sport championship, I was put in the body checking desk, near the registration desk and ticket booth. Of course, it was obvious that my work was to check people’s body before they got in to the, well I don’t know, gym? Sport centre? Whatever they called the place where this event held.

And you must be aware why there are such things as body checking before people got in and watch the show. One of the reason was, so they don’t bring foods and drinks from outside the place. Because of course they already provided by selling foods and drinks inside the place.

So what does that have to do with the title?

Here it is, I was sitting behind the body check desk where it had lots of used and new mineral water that people bought outside it was confiscated. From afar, I could see two guys walked over to my desk, behind him was a guy wearing sweater and the other was wearing the uniform of the school I certainly know and hate at the same time simply because I didn’t get in.

I was alone that time, at my desk. He then arrived before me and fished out a small paper from his pants, he asked me.
“can I get my stuff?” he looked at me

At first, I realized the way he rolled up both of his sleeve was the same guy I met on the food corner before, if I recall, he was smoking. Now that I don’t want to suspect him as a bad guy who smoke and never pray or even a jerk, considering he’s in the soccer team (I personally think that guys in the soccer team are like guys in football team, they’re jerk, sorry.) But then I thought maybe it was the other guy.

I’m not going to tell a detailed of bunch of good stuffs that people who are falling in love mostly do about him because then.. it’d be boring.

I snapped back to reality
“yes, may I see your number?”
He then gave me that small paper from his pants.
“okay, one sec.” I told him

On the way in, I met my friend so I asked her to search for his tumbler, yeah, it was considered a drink from outside so it was confiscated.
I walked back toward my desk, played my iPad and secretly took pictures of him, just to show them to my friend.

My friend that I asked to search for his tumbler came back seconds later and brought it to me, I got up from my seat and handed it carefully to him.
“is there anything else?” I asked him smiling
“no, that’s all.” He said “thanks”
With that he left.

Its not that from that moment on, or that the first time we eye contacted I fell in love. It was a moment later that I found out he was actually playing for his school soccer team and that I knew he was a captain. I looked up to the pictures I took several hours after the event was done. And from that moment on, it is suffice to say that I do fall in love with him.

Now that we never meet again, it was weird and silly having feelings for someone you know you could probably meet only once in your life. But now after so many months had passed, the feelings are somehow still intact within me. In fact, they grew stronger. Sometimes they beat the feelings I had for someone I had now liked for a year.

Sometimes, I wondered
what if the one that took the tumbler wasn't him, but his friend behind him?
what if he didn't run into me, but instead he'd run to the other desk?
what if the one who sat there and took care of him was my friend, not me?
I bet I wouldn't know him at all.

And its funny to look at these little signs God tried to give. As far as I know, we both liked this sad old song, its like our #1favorite sad song, we liked to joke around with silly words that we made up that some people consider funny, some don’t, when we were in middle school we both liked to post bunch of nonsense diary at blog that basically no one reads.

But, its not guilty to make some theories about who’s going to be the love of your life and spend the rest of your life with, eh?

So, I guess.. if you haven’t feel what its like to have love at first sight. You should try.


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